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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Efficient all-in-one VOCs cleaning
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         The device is an integrated box-type device integrating biological drip filtration and biological filtration module, spraying and humidifying system fan duct, heating device, power distribution cabinet, frequency converter and electrical instrument PLC control system. It adopts modular and standardized design, mass production, effectively reduces the cost, and delivers faster biological drip filtration section.Access door for moving equipment area;Biological filtration section;Fan inlet pipeline (biological treatment area outlet);Control box, including power distribution system frequency conversion PLC;Drainage and replenishment pipeline;Vent;Main air inlet of the device (connected with waste gas gathering and transportation pipeline);Move equipment installation, including fulfillment of fan pump liquid level gauge PH meter flow meter thermometer nutrient solution preparation Process principle/Process principle mitsui biological treatment Process. The creature full of filter in the biological Process in series and into two pieces, also known as two biotechnology can Process the soluble substances, air pollution can also deal with insoluble waste gas pollutants using fan song form, after device internal negative pressure. As far as possible, reduce the waste gas to the environment from two method of biological waste gas treatment Process flow chart as follows

         Waste gas into the device, the device in the biological filter section (spray humidification and spray liquid in gas and liquid filler surface of reverse exchange, most of soluble pollutants by gas phase transfer to the water phase, and the contact with microorganisms and refractory pollutants is captured by the microbial membrane on the surface of the packing, in the process of microbial metabolism was as nutrients for the digestion of refractory pollutants with waste gas into the biological filtration period. To be captured in growth in the biofilm on the surface of the packing as a nutrient eagle be digested, progress to realize the pollution disposal

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