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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Incineration heat energy and high concentration acid recovery of waste
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         The chlorine-containing organic waste liquid generated in the production process of polysilicon project is fully burned in the incinerator, and the flue gas generated from the incineration is recycled into the atmosphere by the waste heat boiler and deacidified after dust removal. At the same time, high concentration hydrogen chloride solution can be recovered.The organic waste liquid containing fluorine generated in the production process of the fluorine-containing project is fully burned by the incinerator. The flue gas generated from the incineration is recycled into the atmosphere by the waste heat boiler and deacidified after dust removal. At the same time, the concentrated hydrogen fluoride solution can also be recycled. 


Waste liquid furnace Process flow diagram

        Incineration characteristic carbide/Incinerator the Features
1, the incinerator body adopts the structure of the standing furnace, which can reduce the floor area of the furnace body. Compared with the horizontal furnace, the structure of the standing furnace changes the stress state of the refractory material, completely avoiding the explosion and collapse of the refractory material at high temperature.
2. The incinerator adopts the structure of a standing furnace, with a settlement chamber at the bottom, so that part of Si02 and other dusts generated in the incineration process can be collected in the body of the furnace, reducing the dust brought out by the flue gas and reducing the pressure of subsequent equipment.
3. The combustion of furnace body is designed according to the principle of 3TIE (temperature, time, eddy current, excess coefficient) to ensure the full oxidation, pyrolysis and combustion of waste liquid in the combustion chamber of furnace body, so that the destruction rate of organic matter can reach more than 99.99%.
4. Waste liquid and combustion air are mixed tangentially in the incinerator, with good mixing degree, high turbulence, high combustion speed and efficiency, and low excess air coefficient, which can save fuel.
5. The overall temperature distribution of the furnace body is low, high and low. The ceramic combustion section at the top is at a relatively low temperature of about 800℃, which can better protect each burner.Extend the service life of burner.
6, high safety is equipped with the function of not excluding explosive gases before the start of ignition, in case of gas explosion, the furnace is equipped with flame detector, once the furnace occurs flameout or ignition failure, immediately automatically cut off the supply of waste liquid, alarm system is perfect, safe and reliable.
7. To ensure system safety.The small burner that has degree lamp property is set inside furnace body, avoid when waste liquid is feeding because of the instability that may appear, and produce flameout suddenly, the phenomenon that catch fire again after, utmost put an end to gas explosion phenomenon to happen.
8. All feeding pipelines are equipped with nitrogen scavenging system to ensure that no combustible gas remains in the whole system and ensure the safety of the system.
9. Multiple advanced technologies are adopted to simplify equipment, facilitate maintenance and reduce operating costs.
10. Fully consider the waste heat utilization after waste liquid incineration, which can generate  steam for production.
11. Fully consider recycling high concentration acid solution (concentration up to 20%-25%) after incineration of waste liquid and treating waste gas containing chlorine (fluorine).

       This product is Applicable scope

1. Polysilicon project and other production projects of organics containing chlorine;

2. Fluorine chemical industry and other production projects of organic compounds containing fluorine.

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