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Pyrolytic incinerator
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          Pyrolysis furnace is in charged with oxygen under the condition of hazardous waste pyrolysis zone, waste begins with the burner ignition, combustion air make-up system supply air distribution in the bottom of the furnace, and the air volume is only required for waste burning chemical oxygen demand (cod) of 20% 40%, so that only the lower part of furnace waste combustion, the combustion heat released by the upward to a layer of waste upper waste is first drying, heat absorption, in turn, pyrolysis, and then to coking, until finally no longer after absorbing heat, heat transfer from higher levels, thus wastes gradually formed in the furnace bottom carbonized layer combustion layer combustion statePyrolysis and dry layers, various compounds of long molecular chains is broken into short chain step by step, into a combustible gas because not enough oxygen to keep the gas further oxidation, so the gas will enter the second combustion chamber further inflammable fixed carbon combustion left due to long time stay in the oven under anoxic conditions gradually converted into CO2 and waste pyrolysis, combustion greatly inhibit the formation of nox, most of the chlorine generated nitrogen gas in the pyrolysis process, rather than nitrogen oxides 


          Characteristics of pyrolysis furnace 1 to waste appearance size adaptation features wide, especially for large waste more prominent advantages: in a static gasification furnace 2 waste incineration, small dust discharge, greatly reduce the follow-up exhaust gas cleaning section of load: 3 waste using a charging, greatly reduces the waste will contact with the operator of machine, to ensure the safety of the staff body, greatly reduce the labor intensity of operation at the same time;4. High degree of automation, automatic air conditioning;The burner combustion state is automatically adjusted according to the flue gas temperature at the exit of the secondary combustion chamber.Reach the set state and start the automatic shutdown program;5. Low equipment cost, short construction period, convenient operation and small equipment area;6 waste calorific value in more than 3000 + CARDS, without an additional fuel, burning the secondary room export center temperature can reach 1150 major layer of main ingredients/Pyrolysis temperature and the flue gas

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