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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Fixed grate incinerator
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        The waste in the fixed grate incinerator is heated and incinerated by the burner, so that the organic matter in the material is completely decomposed. However, the gas generated from the manual decomposition is introduced into the secondary combustion chamber and burned again at a high temperature.The combustion chamber and the second combustion chamber are equipped with oxygen supplementary air inlet with different angles and sufficient volume to rotate the combustible gas and ensure the flue gas residence time. The central temperature of the combustion furnace reaches 1150℃, and the flue gas residence time is no less than 2 seconds.

1, wide adaptability to waste, and can deal with waste liquid and waste gas.
2, intermittent feeding or continuous feeding, simple operation, zero contact between personnel and garbage, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of operation.
3, dioxins tend to zero emissions, emissions of non-toxic and tasteless gas, no black smoke, odor, in line with the national environmental requirements.
4. Compact equipment, minimal waste gasification, incineration and dust generation during static pyrolysis, greatly reducing the purification load of follow-up exhaust gas and effectively avoiding heavy metal fly ash pollution.
5. Make full use of the pyrolysis energy of waste to reach the temperature of secondary combustion, thus greatly reducing energy consumption.
6, negative pressure design, high degree of automation, automatic adjustment of air, maintain the normal stability of the furnace.The flue gas temperature at the outlet of the second combustion chamber automatically adjusts the burner's state to reach the automatic start and stop process.
7. When the calorific value of waste is 2500-3000 kcal, no additional fuel is needed for combustion, and the central temperature of the secondary chamber is up to 1,150 ℃.
8. The material can be discharged automatically or manually according to user requirements.



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