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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Shandong century sunshine paper group sludge hazardous waste
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        With the rapid development of society, industry and economy, environmental pollution control of waste has become one of the prominent problems in the field of environmental protection.Due to the production technology and management level can not meet the requirements of rapid development of national economy, a considerable part of waste resources have not been fully and reasonably used, or through incineration to achieve harmless waste treatment, reduction
        Turn it into resources.At present along with the relevant national environmental protection measures, concentration of waste comprehensive treatment tends to be a development direction, considering the comprehensive treatment by incineration exhaust classes of species diversity, the characteristics of various forms of waste incineration is there a difference, and the use of a single type furnace is difficult to achieve, so choose what type furnace is key to investors, is also very important.
        In order to meet the market demand, the company specially introduced advanced technology from abroad and combined with the experience of the same industry in China to develop a variety of comprehensive incinerators: integrated rotary kiln incineration system.
        The combined rotary kiln incineration system consists of a rotary kiln and a secondary combustion chamber to ensure complete combustion of waste.The rotary kiln itself is used to boil and chlorinate the combustible materials in the waste, and the inert solids in the waste move to the other end as the kiln rotates, and are discharged from the bottom.The boiling steam and combustion gas pass through the back end of the rotary kiln and enter the secondary combustion chamber at high temperature
        Oxidation.Secondary air is supplied by fan to increase air/fuel ratio and turbulence.The rotary kiln and secondary combustion chamber are equipped with auxiliary burners to keep the temperature in the furnace stable.At the same time, the grate which is used for three-time combustion is arranged at the lower part of the secondary chamber.
The combination characteristics of rotary kiln Incinerator/Incinerator the Features

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