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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Regenerative incinerator (RTO)
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       The rotary RTO furnace USES 12 fixed heat exchange media beds (no. 1-10#), and heat exchange media beds use regenerative ceramics. Waste gas from the production line is heated after passing through 5 thermal ceramic media beds (no. 1-4# is the air intake area).The hot gas burned to the furnace will heat the other 5 heat exchange media beds (6~9# for exhaust zone), and the corresponding 5# 10# bed will be the purge zone.Under the action of rotary changeover valve, the number of two groups of ceramic media bed circulates, such as 2~5# for intake zone 7~10# for exhaust zone 6#1 # bed for purging area, and so on loop) switch to each other, so two set of heat exchange medium bed to heating in low temperature exhaust gas after heat storage, because every time the reversing only 25% ceramic media change flow direction, thus reduce the RTO import and export of wind pressure fluctuations, little impact on the front line pressure, more suitable for coating line, and the switch valve internal design purging air duct so the decomposition rate is higher than tower RTO, make the organic exhaust gas decomposition rate of more than 99%, eventually make emissions in line with national environmental standards

        Regenerative oxidation, point/Icineatr the Features

1. high processing efficiency (99%) and heat recovery rate (95%) \

2. equipment load changes little, long life, stable

3. equipment simple, cover an area of an area small 

4. and a half drive parts and regenerator using permanent materials, d premiums with low

5. regenerative heat temperature can keep for a long time, and can save fuel when starting 

6. 2 times less polluting factors, high environmental performance

Characteristics of heat storage and oxidation

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