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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Regenerative oxidation incinerator box type (RTO)
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The regenerative oxidation characteristics I Incinerator the Features
1. Adopt thermal heat exchange device, heat storage carrier and gas direct heat exchange, furnace radiation temperature pressure is large, heating speed is fast;Low temperature heat transfer effect is significant, so heat transfer efficiency is particularly high;Maximum recovery of sensible heat in oxidation products.High thermal efficiency, low smoke exhaust temperature and remarkable energy saving effect.Reducing fuel consumption means reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

2. The uniform grading of the temperature in the heat storage room increases, which strengthens the heat transfer in the furnace and improves the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the chamber volume of the oxidation furnace with the same treatment capacity can be reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of equipment;
3. because the flame is not produced in the burner, but in the furnace of high temperature bud heat began to gradually lower, no 5 temperature front, so the low noise:
4. The high-temperature flame oxidation area is expanded, and the flame boundary is almost extended to the furnace emission boundary, so that the temperature in the furnace is uniform, which improves the purification efficiency and prolonging the furnace life
5. and the traditional combustion process is completely different from the thermodynamic conditions, the use of fractional oxidation technology, delay oxidation heat release: temperature rise in the furnace uniform, low heat loss;Good heating effect.There is no longer the local high temperature and high concentration area in the traditional combustion process, which inhibits the generation of thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx) and has good environmental protection effect.
6. The overall temperature in the oxidation room increases and the distribution is more uniform. The furnace temperature can reach 800C.
7. The system adopts PLC automatic oxidation control, with high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability:
8. according to the situation of waste gas, a reasonable heat recovery device can be set up, in the heat oxidation chamber heat exchanger heat conduction oil furnace or waste heat boiler: low-temperature flue gas is used to heat waste to make full use of waste waste heat treatment.

range of application

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