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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Zeolite wheel concentration +RTO/CO device
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       In recent years, with the development of science and technology, environmental protection has gradually become an important issue.Up to now, more and more companies and manufacturers have begun to use some advanced equipment such as boiler wheel enrichment equipment to improve the quality of atmospheric environment.
1. With high absorption and desorption efficiency, VOCs waste gas with high air volume and low concentration can be converted into waste gas with low air volume and high concentration to reduce the cost of back-end final treatment equipment
2, zeolite runner adsorption VOCs generated by the pressure drop is very low, can greatly reduce the power consumption:
3. The enrichment multiple reaches 5-20 times, greatly reducing the specification of post-processing equipment and lower operating cost;
4. The whole system adopts pre-group and modular design, with the minimum space requirements, and provides continuous and unmanned control mode;
5, after the wheel concentration of waste gas, can meet the national emission standards.
Technical principle
        Zeolite spinning wheel concentration adsorption device is the use of adsorption - desorption - concentration three consecutive temperature change adsorption, desorption process, so that low concentration, large air volume of organic waste gas concentration into a high concentration, small flow of concentrated gas.The device is suitable for treating waste gas with high flow rate, low concentration and many organic components.
        Through the rotation of the runner, the regeneration process of gas release and runner can be completed simultaneously on the runner.The organic waste gas that enters the concentrated runner is absorbed and purified by the runner at room temperature and discharged directly to the atmosphere. Then, due to the rotation of the runner, it enters the desorption zone. The desorption of organic matter is carried out in the zone.

         System structure/System composition zeolite enriched wheel by the exhaust gas pretreatment System for molecular sieve adsorption stripping System cooling wheel enrichment after drying System and automatic control System of wheel generally have post-processing System Applicable scope/Applicable scope for organic waste gas governance: special counter Yu Dafeng, low concentration gas entry field, zhuang include: printing large painting workshop furniture chip LCD LED industry and other places of production

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