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Rotary incinerator
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           The rotary kiln incinerator is a cylindrical shell lined with refractory material whose axis is installed at a slight Angle to the horizontal line.Use natural gas, oil or coal as fuel.Rotary kiln was originally used to treat and manufacture cement, lime, iron ore, coke and other solid substances, and then gradually used in waste incineration, because it can effectively deal with a variety of state (solid, liquid, sludge, etc.) waste, has been widely used in industry.Rotary kilns are usually very long, so that the combustion area occupies only a small part of the whole incinerator.Most waste materials are heated by gases from the fuel process and heat transferred from the kiln walls. 
            According to the direction of gas and solid flow in the rotary kiln, the rotary kiln incinerator is divided into two types: the same direction and the opposite direction.The reverse rotary kiln incinerator has good mixing and contact of gas and solid, high heat transfer efficiency, which is conducive to increasing combustion rate. However, due to the relatively high speed of gas and solid, the amount of dust taken by exhaust is also high.The co-directional rotary kiln incinerator is not only suitable for the input and pre-treatment of solid waste, but also can increase the rump of the remaining gas, which can easily realize the tightness.At present, most of the rotary kiln incinerators for the treatment of hazardous waste are in the same direction.
             According to the state and temperature range of ash and slag in kiln, rotary kiln can be divided into dry ash type and slag type.The temperature in dry ash rotary kiln is lower than 1000℃, and the solid in the kiln is still solid ash residue.The temperature in the slag-type rotary kiln may be as high as 1350℃. The inert materials in solid waste, except the metals with high melting point and the chemical platform, are all melted in the kiln, so the degree of incineration is relatively complete.The molten fluid flows out of the kiln and solidifies after rapid cooling.As a result of this kind of similar slag or magma residue, particle size, heavy metal leaching concentration is lower than the ash kiln emissions.Europe has a few slag incinerators, while the United States has only a few, whose primary purpose is to destroy PCBS.However, according to practical experience, slag rotary kiln operation is difficult, if the temperature is not properly controlled, kiln wall may be attached to different shapes of slag, slag outlet easily blocked.In addition, the incineration temperature is high and the energy consumption is large.t


(1) rotary kiln incinerator has mature furnace type technology and simple and flexible operation;
(2) the equipment can incinerate solid waste and liquid waste at the same time, with strong adaptability to incineration;
(3) incineration billows forward, three heat transfer modes coexist in one furnace, and the heat utilization rate is high;
(4) high-temperature materials contact refractory materials, convenient replacement of lining, low cost;
(5) the drive mechanism is simple, the drive mechanism is in the shell of the kiln, and the equipment maintenance is simple;
(6) low requirements for incineration shape and moisture content;This product is Applicable scope
(7) good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure ensure no leakage of harmful gases:
(8) high equipment operation rate, the annual operation rate can generally reach 90%.Convenient operation and maintenance;
(9) enhanced heat transfer and slagging prevention devices are added in the rotary kiln to increase the incineration efficiency and expand the adaptability of the incinerator to waste;
(10) the traditional secondary combustion chamber is transformed into a secondary combustion furnace, which improves the burnout rate of ash and slag, improves the incineration efficiency of rotary kiln, and at the same time has comprehensive functions such as slag crushing, sealing and air locking.
Scope of application:
           It is suitable for the treatment of industrial wastes, hazardous solid wastes and medical solid wastes in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, printing and dyeing, automobile, machinery and other industries.Can simultaneously process the solid, the liquid, the semi-solid and so on many kinds of phase waste.

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