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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

The company undertakes the paint residue incineration project of jiangsu zhenjiang new energy equipment co., LTD
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Company profile: jiangsu zhenjiang new energy equipment co., ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of wind power equipment and photovoltaic equipment components in China.It is a limited liability company integrating the design, research and development, production and sales of port machinery, wind power accessories, electrolytic aluminum machinery and equipment, and steel structural parts of construction machinery.With continuous technology development, strict quality control, precise and effective management of production technology, the company has with the Siemens (Siemens), general electric (GE), Kang Shibo (Kongsberg), ATI and other world famous enterprises, and the Shanghai electric (SH: 601727), change especially electrician (SH: 600089), the sunlight power (SZ - 300274), and other well-known domestic listed company has established good relations of cooperation

Overview of incineration materials: 50-200 kg/h paint residue and some chemical waste residue Including feed system, burning system, waste heat recovery system, incineration flue gas cooling and purification system, for the exhaust system, slag system, gas (oil) system, burning area power supply system, control system, alarm system and emergency handling safety explosion-proof device, connecting pipe between process equipment, the main equipment maintenance operation platform and the safety of the affiliated facilities;Electrical instrument automatic control system and supporting facilities;

Design principles:

1. The selected process follows the principles of harmless, resource recovery and reduction of hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and ensures no secondary pollution.

2. Strictly implement the national laws and regulations on environmental protection, and make the processing parameters meet or better than the relevant national standards.

3. The process adopts advanced, reasonable, mature and reliable engineering technology, which has significant environmental protection benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

4, the process is reasonable and reliable, as far as possible to save land and construction investment.

5, the control of advanced control system, to achieve full automation control.

The treatment system of the unit adopts the continuous operation of rotary kiln + secondary high temperature incineration technology. The smoke generated by incineration enters the secondary combustion chamber for further incineration at a temperature of over 1100℃.

The smoke generated is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney after being cleaned by cyclone dust removal, g-l heat exchanger, quench, dry, cloth bag and spray.

Project the picture

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