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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD

Waste liquid waste gas incineration technology
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       Waste gas liquid storage and transportation system:
       Waste gas can be directly injected into the incinerator through flame arrester and pressure regulating equipment.The waste liquid is usually stored in the waste liquid tank and pressurized by the waste liquid atomizing pump and enters the incinerator through the waste liquid spray gun.According to the viscosity of waste liquid, atomizing gun can be divided into pressure atomizing gun, compressed air atomizing gun, steam atomizing gun and so on.
       Incinerator body system:
       Design according to the principle of 3T+1 (temperature, time, eddy current + air excess coefficient).The harmful substances in waste gas and liquid are completely decomposed after high temperature pyrolysis combustion in the furnace body.
       Waste heat recovery system:
       The waste heat recovery and treatment system is selected according to smoke volume, smoke temperature, dust content and smoke characteristics.
       Flue gas purification and treatment system:
       According to the composition and characteristics of waste gas liquid, suitable purification and treatment system is selected for flue gas after incineration.After treatment, it meets the national environmental protection requirements.SNCR and SCR technologies can be used for denitration.Ammonia desulfurization, limestone - gypsum desulfurization, magnesium oxide desulfurization and so on.According to the emission standard, dust removal can be carried out by cloth bag filter, venturi filter, ceramic filter, wet electric dust removal equipment, etc.
       Heat exchanger system:
       Air heat exchangers are usually arranged in tube and column type.The heated air from the air heat exchanger is transported through pipelines to waste gas and waste gas incinerator. As the combustion supporting gas of waste gas and waste gas combustion, it realizes the recovery and reuse of heat energy and saves the operating cost.
       Induced draft fan:
       Induced draft fan is the power source of flue gas of the whole system. It is usually controlled by frequency conversion to control the operation of incinerator system under micro negative pressure, so as to avoid the harm of flue gas leakage to the environment.


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