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Jiangsu Sanjing Environmental Protection CO., LTD


        Jiangsu Sanjing environmental protection Joint-stock System Co.,Ltd. (stock code :695892) is a joint-stock national high-tech enterprise that focuses on the design and manufacture of waste gas, waste liquid and solid waste treatment in yixing international environmental protection science and technology park.The seriousness of the company according to the present industrial "three wastes" pollution, urgency, through careful investigation and research of international advanced "three wastes" treatment technology, the latest introduction of Japan and Europe and the United States advanced incineration technology, professional design and development of incinerator for more than 40 national invention and utility model patents, and access to national new products, provincial high-tech products and so on the title.The company is the practice base of graduate teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in school of chemical engineering and materials, jiangnan university, and has established school-enterprise alliance cooperation with changzhou university, yangzhou university and east China university of science and technology.

        Mitsui environmental protection has a technical team led by a postdoctoral researcher. Over the years, the company has carried out active exploration and research and development on the comprehensive treatment of waste materials and has accumulated rich experience.Realize from the design, production, installation, commissioning to after-sales service.And through scientific management technology will be hazardous substances in the hazardous waste completely destroyed, so that it shows the "reduction, harmless, resource-based" ultimate goal, and at the same time to the intermediate energy collection and reuse as the direction of development, fully reflects the value of circular economy.
        Mitsui environmental protection development has the following types of incinerator:Factory direct combustion exhaust incinerator, factory waste gas heat storage, factories, factory waste gas purifying exhaust gas catalytic oxidation system all-in-one, medical waste incinerators, latent heat gasifier, general solid waste incinerator, electronics, chemical waste incinerator with precious metals recovery system, the biochemical sludge incineration treatment system, solid liquid gas comprehensive treatment, high salt high COD waste incineration incinerator system and multidimensional catalysis system, magnesium dust removal desulfurization denitration integrated processing system, etc., mitsui series products in petrochina, sinopec, chemical industry, textile and leather, municipal engineering,Food medicine, power metallurgy, packaging printing, mechanical spraying and other fields and Iran, Arabia, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Africa and other countries and regions have been successfully applied.
        Bright prospects, harrier straight up.Mitsui environmental protection will, as always, adhere to the professional business strategy, to a higher and farther goal, the enterprise into a first-class international enterprise and unremitting efforts!

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